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Volkman Avian Science Super

Bird diets provide clean, balanced nutrition with healthy, all natural ingredients and vitamins

Volkman Featherglow

Features the very best high-end blends, specialty mixes, and convenient treats for bright and healthy birds.

Volkman Small Animal

Rabbit Gourmet,Hamster Gourmet, Guinea Pig Gourmet, Rodent Gourmet, Fancy Rat and Mouse Menu.


Bird's Delight Blends

A basic non-vitamized product line blended with top quality seeds that are double cleaned. This line is formulated to meet the needs of all caged birds.

Nature's Feast

These products are formulated
with the best quality seeds and fortified with vitamins, including Nutri-brite pellets, and vegetable bits. The products are double cleaned, and are formulated to meet the needs of all caged birds.



Premium Wild Bird Blends

Premium No-Waste, Premium Superior Blend, Premium Garden Mix, Premium Wild Finch Mix, Premium Squirrel & Wildlife Mix, and Premium Small Black Oil Sunflower.

First Time Shoppers

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