Woah what's this?

Unfortunately it won't be possible to order online at birdseed.com for awhile. But don't worry we won't let your birds (or small animals) go hungry. We encourage you to find a neighborhood pet store. If that's not in the cards there is also Amazon. They carry many of our products. And as always you can give us a call (800)635-9359 and we'd be happy to take your order over the phone.

Companion Birds

Avian Organics - our latest offering. Four varieties to choose from.
Volkman Avian Science - all natural and our best seller too.
Featherglow - Our premium vitamized line with micro nutrients.

Backyard Chickens

Henny Penny - From scratch to exotic dried shrimp and mealworm blends, Henny Penny has it covered.

Wild Birds

Premium Wild Bird - the best we make with a wide variety
Western Delight - a fine everyday choice when feeding many birds
Premium Single Seed - when you are looking for high quality single variety seeds

What they are saying...


"This feed is fantastic! Thanks so much guys!"

Oscar Ostrich

"Nothin! No Ostrich food. What's an ostrich to do?."

Bill Bunny

"Thanks for thinking of us small animals too. Your Rabbit Gourmet is the best!"

Find us at your neighborhood pet store!